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Laurence Geller is an advocate of, and trustee for, a wide range of international philanthropic organisations dedicated to education, research, culture, and healthcare.

Love of The Game

Co-Founder & Chairman

Love of the Game seeks to unite the fields of sport, technology, science, academia and business to identify, invest and implement innovative solutions that will mitigate the health risks that arise in so many sports, whether team or individual, contact or non-contact.

By leveraging a unique network of supporters representing the UK’s major sports, government, academic institutions and business, Love of the Game seeks to drive awareness and funding of the research and development of solutions to aid in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of head injuries, concussion and related problems.

By supporting Love of the Game’s collective passion, goodwill and expertise, Geller aims to reduce, manage or cure concussion related injuries, ensure the longevity of players’ games and careers, and safeguard the integrity of the sports we know and love.

You can read more about Love of the Game’s activities here.

International Churchill Society


The International Churchill Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to studying the works and life of Sir Winston Churchill, and acts as a proponent of the former Prime Minister’s legacy and vision for the free world.

As Chairman of the Society, Laurence Geller is responsible for organising and arranging the events and activities of the Society, which ranges from conferences to charitable dinners, and often includes debates, seminars, and lectures surrounding the history and beliefs of Sir Winston Churchill. Geller is one of the largest donors to the International Churchill Society; he donated $1m in 2015 in order to digitise the Winston S. Churchill archives. Laurence ensured that, through the creation of learning modules tailored to each geographic region, the resulting documentation was freely available to educate school children on an international scale.

Recent activities that Laurence has organised in his role as Chairman include the presentation of the Sir Winston Churchill Leadership Award to Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine in 2022. This was awarded on behalf of the Society by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, in recognition for Zelenskyy’s courage, dignity, and heroism he has displayed during his leadership of Ukraine.

Click here to learn more about what the International Churchill Society stands for.

Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)


RUSI is the world’s oldest security and defence think tank, with a long history of research and policy advisory spanning nearly two centuries. Operating from an international perspective, RUSI is renowned for the quality and objectivity of its research.

As a member of the Council of Trustees, Laurence Geller works with fellow Trustees to ensure that RUSI operates with good governance and helps to provide overall oversight to the think tank.

Laurence Geller is also Chairman of the committee responsible for the redevelopment of the original home of the organisation, at 61 Whitehall. He has donated £300,000 to the renovation of this historic, listed building.

Learn more about RUSI’s operations and fields of study here.